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Conductor Rob Davis
Southwest Washington Symphony provides an outlet for dedicated local musicians to enjoy a lifetime of musical growth through rehearsal and performance.  These musicians give an incredible amount of time and money to support one another to bring beautiful music to the community, not only through symphony concerts, but at many other community events, playing in smaller ensembles that are an outgrowth of the symphony.  The symphony also provides an opportunity for college students to perform and receive credit at Lower Columbia College.  In October, the Symphony will continue to serve local elementary schools by offering free concerts in the Columbia Theater.

The great work of the symphony in our community is only made possible by the generosity of patrons and sponsors, many hours of volunteer services by the performers, board members and the Symphony Auxiliary, and you, our faithful audience.


Fred Meyer

Comment Received

Dear Symphony
As I was walking out of the concert hall there was a mom with a couple of boys ( about 12) a few steps ahead of me. One of the boys complained, "mom l don't want to go yet." Mom said " We are going!" The boy said, "But I want to talk to the musicians."

His comments made me smile and I hope it makes everyone in the orchestra smile too.

Kay, Longview