Admission to all concerts is free!
No Strings Attached except those to the instruments

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Conductor Robert Davis and members of the orchestra have been working with Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts to create virtual performances in lieu of a live Children's Concert this year.  The project is now finished and up on the Columbia Theatre website at this link:
Here you will find individual videos of demonstrations and performances of string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.  Many of the videos are under 10 minutes.  Most of the longer performance videos include more than one song.
We invite you to use these examples as you see fit in your classrooms or send to your students to view at home.



Founded in 1966, the Southwest Washington Symphony is the region's premiere
all-volunteer orchestra.



children's concert
This year, symphony musicians will be recording music videos for schools to use in lieu of presenting our traditional annual Children's Concerts.

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