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Southwest Washington Symphony Board of Directors 2017-18
Terms of service remaining on the SWS Board
 1 Year:
o Kurt Harbaugh
 Board of Directors Chair, Facilities Committee, Musician, Teacher
o Keith Larson
 Treasurer, Finance Committee, Policy and Bylaws Committee
o Merry Lloyd
 Marketing Committee
o Sandy Rountree
 Archive Committee, Musician

 2 Years:
o Clinton Anderson
 Personnel Director, Audition Committee, Musician
o Jodi Greig
 Board Secretary, Policy and Bylaws Committee, Musician, Medical Tech
o Theresa Stalick
 Fundraising Committee, Marketing Committee, Lower Columbia College Staff
o David Walworth
 Board Vice Chair, Facilities Committee, Education and Outreach Committee,
Policy and Bylaws Committee, Archive Committee, Musician

 3 Years:
o Chris Edgren
 Treasurer, CPA
o Dolphine Mack
 Publicity & Marketing Committee, Musician
o Candace Wilson
 Fundraising Committee, Musician

Robert Davis
Board meetings held at 
Trinity Lutheran Church 7pm
2021 Washington Way, Longview, WA 98632

Scheduled Meetings 
2018 - Board Meeting Dates:   January 9, February 13.


Meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome to observe. 
Visitors my make a short presentation to the board but may not join in board discussions or vote.
Anyone interested in being on the board or assisting committees, please submit a letter of interest to
PO Box 1011, Longview WA 98632


Committee Assignments: 

1. Executive Committee: Board Officers- David Walworth, Kurt Harbaugh, Jodi Greig, Cindy Brado, Merry Lloyd.

2. Budget, Finance & Endowment Committee: Financial Secretary-Merry Lloyd, Treasurer-Cindy Brado, Dick Uthmann, James Pafundi.

3. Fund Raising Committee: Sarah Koss, Kris McElroy-Weber, Sharon Floyd.

4. Publicity & Marketing Committee: Perry Piper, Sue Lane, Seth Burns, Pat Martin.

5. Education & Outreach Committee: Ron Joslin, David Walworth, Kris McElroyWeber.

6. Program Committee: Music Director-Rob Davis, Librarian-Dick Uthmann, Concert Master-Steven Shepard, Perry Piper, Kurt Harbaugh, David Taylor, Sharon Floyd, Principal players in the orchestra.

7. Audition Committee: Music Director-Rob Davis, Clint Anderson, Steven Shepard, Principals as needed.

8. Asset Management Committee: Librarian-Dick Uthmann.

9. Facilities Committee: David Walworth, Dick Uthmann, Kurt Harbaugh.

10. Nominating Committee: Marge Ofstun, Leslie Roth, Leslie Dahl, Polly McClelland, Lauren Cash, Glenda Schuh.

11. Policy and Bylaws Committee: David Walworth, Jodi Greig, Glenda Schuh, James Pafundi, Nicole Tideman, David Taylor.

12. Webmaster: Rod Lloyd

13. Personnel Manager: Clint Anderson.

14. Librarian: Dick Uthmann.